Id like to cancle

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AparnaBansal Premium
Oh, stay, and build your dream.
Why not utilize the money u have paid.
Try this place out. If u don't want to try here, then please don't waste your money anywhere else. Why I am saying that is because this is actually one of the best programs on the internet. And if u have an issue with WA, then it will be almost impossible to succeed anywhere else.
But I could be wrong.
Lisa196 Premium
Hi Ryan,

I hope you stay. I've learned so much in just 2 months, I never even thought it would be possible for me to build a website and have my first post published within 7 days!

This here is for real, I hope you can do the first 10 lessons and see if you want to stay longer.

All the best whatever you decide,

EmakAmelia Premium
Hi Ryan,

I have answered your question in the Live Chat. Here it is again:

If you wish to cancel your membership and stop the billing, you have to do it yourself from your account. Click on your profile picture > Account Setting.

Or you can just use this link:

But, Tony and Natasha are right. Why do you want to quit before you try and explore the platform, do the training, etc?

As per the Terms and Conditions, there's no refund.
natasha2020 Premium
I think you will not get your money back. Why not wait for a month since you already paid. Do the training :)
TonyHamilton Premium
You just started about 2 hours ago, why would you want to quit before even getting started Ryan?