I joined the Bootcamp and created my website and first 3 pages when moving on to the next lesson I became confused as the focus of the next lesson seem to implie that the focus of my website should be about WA and creating a business and more about making money online. With My website I want to promote WA and I was going to do that through my website WomenSurvivingDivorce.com by helping these womane with the issue they are facing and by pointing them towards WA to help with their money needs. Am I wrong for being in the bootcamp should my training be in the getting started section. Help I am a bit confused Did I bark up the wrong tree. ?

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SMinter Premium
The getting started button is I believe for those wanting to work on line with their own website and their on niche, But the affiliate tab is for promoting WA but you can promote it own your own web site because you get your own affiliate link to promote. Hope this was helpful, :)
stephhill Premium
no you're not in the wrong place . . I think that is a great target audience. just keep on promoting wealthy affiliate to.divorced woman
theone10 Premium
Yes first do the getting started then move to boot camp to promote WA for your niche