What can I do to make email work?

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judebanks Premium Featured Comment
I guess it depends on what's wrong with it.

Go here:


Your email address are listed there.

Click on Password.

Copy the password, making sure you do not add any extra spaces

Click on "Login to Webmail"

Paste the password you copied into the password field.

Type in your email name in the empty field in front of the prefilled domain name.

If the above does not work, you may need to get a new password. In which case, put in a support ticket by clicking the support tab in the top right of your screen. ~Jude
judebanks Premium
You can ignore the past queries list. Hit the little "x" at the end of the subject line and the list will disappear and space opens for you to send the ticket.

Here's training on how to use Site Support ~Jude
Triblu Premium
Hey Francois,

Here is Kyle's lesson on setting up email: AND... here's how you can simply create your domain email to be forwarded to gmail where you can easily use your domain email inside your gmail account: Hope you find this helpful.