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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - in general, there are 3 main reasons why people leave a bad review of WA.

Firstly, they don't understand that they are signing up to an automatic recurring subscription with no refunds. Many members are tempted by the discounted first month but have no intention of paying the next month at $49.

They don't realise that the payment will be taken automatically, despite being clearly stated in the terms and conditions.

Secondly, it is unrealistic expectations. This is not a quick money fix, it is a long term commitment, a business of your own that will bring income in the future.

The first 6 months should be spent on the foundation of your website, writing as much informational content as possible.

Members often leave after only 2 or 3 months because they haven't yet made any income and then declare that WA is a scam.

Finally, the training is often said to be outdated. Yes, some of the core training lessons could do with updating, but the webinars and member generated blogs focus on the latest happenings in the industry.
SHeisey1 Premium
WA does have its challenges. You do have to work. The positive comments about WA are exactly why I am in WA right now. I saw no negative comments when I was reviewing... Competitors had several marks against them, so I chose WA.
Sure you have to work. That is why I am here.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Actually, there is only 1 person that I've seen who has said bad things - the rest are all good things... But the person saying bad things appeared to have an ulterior motive (to lure people into a very expensive alternative program).
SHeisey1 Premium
I agree with you Dale.
chrisellyv Premium
Could please be specific about your question?

You may list some of the bad reviews you read and a lot of people are here to help you with honest answers.

For example, when I was reading some reviews made by a web owner online, all his points were completely opposite of what I met here.

The only thing he said that was right was about too much information to learn.

I think he thought WA is a get-rich quick scheme, not knowing it's actually an online business university where you have to learn and apply what you learn before you can get tangible results.

As for me, even though I joined in April, what I am gaining here is enormous - loads of training here to get you going and to become an expert.

Whoever is giving any bad reviews about WA probably did not plan to learn and study.

That is my own view anyways.
Frognmecom Premium
Okay Everyone, Thank You for the reinforcement. I like it here at WA. I just want to know I am not being Scammed again. How do I take the question down? Sorry.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Did you check the good things too?

You are here amongst us, what are your thoughts of the platform? You've got to be convinced and believe, no one can do this for you. IMO