I can't fine where to close my WA account where do i go to close my account?

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michaelvgATN Premium
But why would you want to? Because I can tell you now with the right coaching onboard you would not want to.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Good answers for you, James!
keishalina Premium
hey hi Jim ...

see you've been with WA since September 2017, well over three years of investment ...

sorry to see you wanting to go ....

looks like Joe's got it for you .... yes, simply go to your WA Profile > Account Settings > Subscription > Your Membership and scroll down to "cancel billing" ... and complete the prompts

should you change your mind, you'd be welcomed back....

we'll keep a light on for you ... all the best ... :)
JoeRebisz Premium
Click on your profile pic>account settings>subscriptions, then scroll down to cancel billing.