Hello to all ,

i have created 7 page with title on the website but unfortunatly i havent been able to see them on the main page of the webside

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SteveG1 Premium
First, create the pages, go to menu, and add the pages.
pparadise Premium
They are there just add them to your menu .
JasonDK Premium
Hello Nazila. I found this video to your question on YouTube. http://bit.ly/2rBj0eh I hope this helps you. Take care.
leoemery Premium
Pages need to be added to your menu to be available I did a training video about menus -
billyghawaii Premium
Did you set up your menu? by default, there is one there but you need to name one and save it. Then make sure all your pages are on the menu... then save again. Then go to view it.