I am sure the problem I have is shared by lots of WA members who are promoting their affiliate links and who find that the people who sign up soon lose interest and remain dormant.

According to my affiliate link stats I have close to 300 of such dormant accounts.

What is the best way of trying to resurrect interest for such members or would I be flogging a dead horse?

Shouldn't WA be offering an unsubscribe option for such members as most if not all of them are just inflating WA's membership numbers?

James Kelly

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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hi James,

Many folks join Wealthy Affiliate, spend some time here, then go away only to come back months, or even years later to Upgrade. There's members upgrading every single day who originally joined long ago. That is the nature of the Freemium model.

Although many members end up staying at WA and decide to build their businesses with our services immediately, for others it's just not the right time yet. For 1000 different reasons someone may take their time and that is perfectly fine.

A few ways that you can engage your referrals here at Wealthy Affiliate is to blog about industry and Internet marketing related topics. Each time you blog post, it'll notify your referrals. This is a wonderful way to add value to the community while touching base with your referrals.

You can use our custom message platform and create a follow-up sequence here in WA so that you can keep up to date with, offer value, training, and help to your referrals over time. Sometimes just a message saying something like the following is all it takes to really engage a user:

"Hi Carson, how's your week going? I'm here to help if you need anything at all!"

One segment of your referrals will upgrade within the first 30 days of joining. The others will upgrade when they are ready, and that can be months or years later.

I think one question to consider is whether your referrals were active and engaged after joining. If so, that's great and I'm sure many will be back to join when they are ready. If not, then you'll want to pose the question "WHY"? You can then work to improve how much they interact and engage in the system. Sometimes folks come in to WA with little idea of what the platform is or what they will be doing. The more informed a user is on the way in, the more they will interact with the community and consequently, upgrade.

We speak a lot about this in the Affiliate Bootcamp set of courses, and I encourage all folks referring others to WA to check out that training.

If you ever need help or want to run your ideas about referring folks to WA by me or Kyle, just reach out to one of us by Private Message. We'll be happy to have a chat about your plan :)

jimk43 Premium
Hi Carson,

Many thanks for that very detailed and informative response and I will go back to the Affiliate Bootcamp to refresh my knowledge 9in this area. Also thank you for those ideas you mentioned on how to engage my referrals. I will certainly see how I can implement these.

AbieAJ Premium Plus

Same as Carson mentions, some may sign up however they are not ready to join or at the time didn't think the program would suit their business needs and objectives.

However things change, and they may come back and join up at a later time.

We can leave messages on their profiles and even some may not be able reply, however they would receive a notification if again they opted in their notifications.

I always believed in meeting folks where they are at.

I certainly have few.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning James,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for your question, it's an interesting one with some interesting answers!

Out of interest, is there an easy way to find out if a member is still active? I appreciate that sometimes you can see very clearly that a member is not active. For example, they may have comments on their profile page from two years ago that are unanswered.

jimk43 Premium
Hi Roy,

The only way I can think of is to scroll through all your referrals to see when each one was last active which can be a lengthy task if you have hundreds of free members.

Roybretton Premium Plus
Hello Jim,

Thank you for taking the time to reply, it's appreciated.

I understand what you're saying, that's the only way I really know. However, as you mention, that's a lengthy process.

Maybe there is another way, perhaps we will find out soon.

Have a great day.

MaxiMos Premium
Ahh I forgot to mention, yes in my opinion you'd be flogging a dead ghost horse.
MaxiMos Premium
Hi James.
From my own personal experience a few years back on WA, I wrote a blog titled $7.00 bought me 7 Ghosts.

Why the title?

Same reason you've mentioned about doormant subs.
I used a paid traffic source provider, from a company, a scamming company named (Ad. fly).

All 6000 of them pushed my stats up with 7 subs to WA's free membership.

All of them had the same profiles - empty.
No replies to any welcome messages, nothing, just empty profiles.

It happens, it was a lesson for me.
So maybe you are experiencing the same ghost profile formaters.

Are you using paid traffic? If so from where?
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Mustafa,

Yes, Ad.fly is 100% fraud traffic - you'll rarely if ever, get a real user from a service like that.

If you're looking for paid traffic that converts at a high rate your options are:

Google Adwords (Pay-per-click)
BingAds (Pay-per-click)

Then you've got social media options like:


In the online world, platforms like Ad.fly have been around for ages and they all scam 100% of their clients by sending unqualified and completely untargeted users. I would not be surprised if a lot of the traffic is in-fact bots.

MaxiMos Premium
Hi Carson.