Hey guys!

I'm not sure what to expect from WA, so that's why I wanted to ask these questions:

1. How long did it take you to make your first commission and how many posts did you have back then?

2. When did the real, life-changing income start to happen for you and how many posts did you have when it happened?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Your answer means a lot to me since it will allow me to have a real perspective of what to expect.

I currently have 105 posts on my website and I've only had one referral that signed up for the free WA membership. (he quit)

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VitaliyG Premium
1) For me it was a few months.

2) Maybe about a year into it.

For your question, what type of content are you writing to get the referrals and what kind of traffic #'s are you getting? The kind of traffic you get + your sales funnel to promote WA matters a lot for success.
HildeRegine Premium
I understand why you ask. I wondered about the same thing when I started. The truth is that building a business online or offline takes time and it all depends on you and your focus and efforts.
I have been with WA for 7 months now.
On day 9 I got my first referral. After 2 months I earned some small commissions with affiliate partners. and now after 7 months all the effort I have done with writing articles and posts starts to Pay off. Just today I woke up having a new referral.
I think you need to have a longterm mindset on this. Focus on Learning SEO, making helpful content to your audience and Use Social Media to leverage your website. And ask for feedback and help to improve your website, strategies etc.
topboy Premium
What social media channels are you using?
Yep keep working overtime bro. That’ll make it better. So interesting to read how many people just say keep at it.
Let me ask you this. After how long do you then say you know what this isn’t working?
Would you stick at an investment stock for a year “just to see what happens?”
If you can afford to lose that amount of time then go for it.
I would be learning more about why. The quality of your questions will determine the quality of your life.

Good luck out there chief.
DianeK59 Premium
As others have said...it depends. Generally speaking, the more time you put into writing good content and building your authority in your niche, the faster your returns. But it also depends on your niche and many other factors.
paulash177 Premium
To answer all these question, my answer is... it depends on your effort, by asking how many hours can I devote to this per day or week