Hi, I am new to comunnity and have just began this whole affiliate marketing journey. I see many sucesfull people here, so I wanted to ask a question.

My site, which you can check at www.esmatechreview.com is 3 months old, I wrote around 40 articles. I wonder how long before I see visitors and profit? I will continue to write one post per day, and I do keywords search, optimization, some of my old articles are short, but I do intend to make them better, as seen in some new ones.

So, thank you for your feedback and I apologise for any grammar mistakes, since english is not my native language.

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - your best cameras for Instagram review is 50% copied and pasted from several websites, particularly https://igdcofficial.com/entry-level-cameras-for-instagrammers/ and your post on best electric bikes is 24% copied and pasted, and the post on best android phones is 25% copied.

These are just a few I checked at random. Unfortunately, you will not see a great deal of success, by using already published content. When Google is considering where to rank your posts, it is looking for fresh, original information. Everything on your site needs to be original and written in your own words.
Thank you, can you write the tool used to see the level of plagarism on posts. Yes, I am a begginer, so I did not know about the need to be original, and most of my descriptions are copied from amazon product pages. I will try to write in my own words in the future, thank you for your reply.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - I use the premium version of Grammarly to check for plagiarism. It's expensive, but I use it in my daily work as a professional writer and proofreader. You will need to search in Google to find a free duplicate content checker.

You may wish to think about re-writing any posts already on your site which have copied material. When Google is considering ranking, it doesn't just look at each individual post, but your site as a whole. So, if it sees many posts which are copied, it will not want to promote it highly, as Google will not have a level of trust in your information.
roysin Premium
You should usually see some results after 3 to 4 months. But it is dependent on the quality of your content on your website.

It is not the amount of content in total that matters at first when building your site, but it is how your articles are written. Do they create trust with the visitor or not. Do the articles seem to be hurried and not helpful to your visitors?

Just keep producing content, but make the content worthwhile for your visitors.

JKulk1 Premium
I hope you don't mind some honest thought on your reviews. I believe you're on the right track but you're probably moving to quick. Review articles need to be convincing to the reader, they want to know that you actually have experience with the products your reviewing. I think you need to go over the training again, and maybe check out further training from Jay at magistudiios , as well as some of the other fellow members.
Your reviews look hurried. You need to spend more time on them, and go into some more detail of each product.
Writing purely reviews is not an easy task. Some true professionals can make lots of money writing this style of blog. I have known people who made money with only about 25 reviews on their site.
I think you have chosen a very broad topic, which may turn away some visitors who aren't sure exactly what you trying to achieve.
Normally it would be better as a beginner to choose a niche where you are catering for a specific target audience. You could then write about something such as different technical achievements and add a review blog after ever two to three informative blogs.
As I said earlier, there are those that made money from purely writing review style blogs, but this isn't easy to do.
The main thing you have going for you is that you are a persistent writer. Which is better then most people. Maybe you could write one review every two days, and spend more time on making sure you fill them with convincing information..
One other thing, I realise that English isn't your first language, but it's important that your spelling and grammar is correct or close to correct. I would advise that you find someone who can help you fix this issue.
Please don't think badly of what I've suggested, you are a remarkable person who I believe is on the verge of greatness. I wish you all the best in your endeavours. Jim
Thank you, constructive critisms is much needed. I will try and keep my articles more informative and longer, I was thinking that the amount of articles mattered so most of them are rushed, with little minimal decriptions. I do have a grammar check tool installed, though my vocabulary is really simplified, so I can work on that for sure.

My niche is broad, but I am not going to change it now, since I spent some great amount of time builiding it, and there are sucesfull broad sites too out there. I am starting with the training about writing a convincing article, so I sure hope that helps. I will try to implement your advice on my site, thank you for your honest review.
Danijel3 Premium
Hi and welcome. I checked your blog, it is not bad at all. Usually, results start to show around 3-4 months, I primarily mean on visitors. Your blog is still ''young'' so you just need to focus on SEO optimized content, nothing else. And yes, pay attention that every post is at least 1000 words long, longer posts rank better.

You should also add About Me page on your blog.

Also, start doing the training here, it will help you immensely! All the best!
Thank you so much for tips and quick reply, will add the about me page for sure.
Danijel3 Premium
I'm glad I could help! :))