I have been studying last three days and have found the follwing two Niches as my interest. What do you think about it guys?

1. Real Estate Education Training Programs

2. Purchasing fo lower than market value

2.a. selling websites

2.b. searching software

I believe that I can chose 2.a. as my main Niche and then I can leverage 2.b and 1. to draw traffic.

Any suggestions guys? :-)

Any suggestion will be valued and appreciated!



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JackCao Premium
I know many WA members who have traded domain names and are successful with it.

In terms of 2B, what software are you talking about? Is it internet marketing softwares?
babaeenasser Premium
Well in terms of 2B, I have found a software with an affiliate program which is called "birddogbot". This software finds foreclosures which are online and reads them from different sources and databases online, making things easier for investors in the lower than market value properties. It is also available on clickbank.
JackCao Premium
I see where you are getting at. You want to build a site that focuses on the Real Estate Niche.

My first question to you is, do you know the Real Estate Market well? And the second question is, if you don't know the Real Estate market well, are you interested and passionate to study and learn about the market?

These are the things you have to consider when you are starting out a website. You do not want to be stuck when you are hit with a roadblock in future.

Your website must gain authority in the niche before it can be monetized. Your site can also be an advertising agent for Real Estate brokers, where they will pay you money advertising fee to post an ad on your site.
onmyownterms Premium
As long as this is something you have a passion for/expertise in, you can make it work.