Hi, WAmily.

If I use the affiliate links of a WA member's blogs or training courses, what benefits will it do? To who?

I vaguely remember one of the training courses mentioned this, but I just can't recall what that is exactly.

Thank you in advance for answering my question.


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AIgaz Premium
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natasha2020 Premium
What has this got to do with his question?

Looks like spam..
JeffreyBrown Premium
Some good answers here, Henry!

natasha2020 Premium
You need to create an affiliate link if it's not your blog/training so you get the referrals.
keishalina Premium
hey hi Henry --- super questions and all questions are considered good ones here ....

There's the WA Affiliate Bootcamp where you can learn to build longer-term, sustained success with referrals.

This training is included with your WA Premium.

Suggest you might want to have a look at it by heading over to the far left hand side margin of the WA screen >> click through on Training > Affiliate Bootcamp ... and learn some more ..

All the very best to you, cheerio ... :)
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, when you copy a link to any of the blogs and trainings within, it carries your unique ID code, so when someone's clicks to read through or watch a training. and joins, you'd benefit. They will listed under you.

This can be found here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share/referrals

That's $ sign, top menu, my referrals.

Please note for Jays live events, a new user will be prompted to sign up, and they have to be a premium to view. Those are copyrighted to WA.