Hello everybody. Ive been developing a website about being out of work, and creating an income stream without going back to work. Ive been with W.A almost officially a year, i havent earent a cent. I am optimistic this will change next year, but if im working at an affiliate site, and havent made any money myself, wont the first question somebody asks me is , have you made any money yet? Any advice or feedback is always welcome. Thankyou

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lakbar12 Premium
I understand your concern. I thought people would ask how much I’ve earned too but the truth is not one of my referrals have ever questioned my earnings.

If anyone ever asked you could do as Jeffrey says or I’ve seen people respond by saying everyone reaches success at different times. You can also share success stories from WA big and small.

Also if you start earning from other affiliate products that’s proof too, because WA training taught you...

Either way, you have reached some sort of success because you’re a few steps ahead of your audience and you’re taking action.
DMahen1 Premium
Some examples here. Perhaps their stories will help you construct an answer.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Doug, maybe you could use examples of people who have made money here--some of the top earners. I don't know if this is allowed, but you could look into it!

doug48 Premium
cheers, i will