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ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi Cleveland,
All you have to do is this:
Click on your profile, then Account Settings, go to Subscription Settings, Click Membership, Click Stop Billing & Cancel Membership.

Please note that your account will just be downgraded to the free account, and you can always go back to Premium when you are ready. Hope all is well.
MarionBlack Premium
ShuiHyen Premium
This is a message from Kyle:

Yeah, you can actually get your sites restored for up to 6 months, they will be disabled of course though after the 30 days.

The thing is that 99.99% of web hosts will disable your websites immediately upon cancelling your service with them and most will keep back-ups of your websites for less than 14 days.

We are different because we absolutely CARE about people and their businesses. The hosting industry, like the make money industry, operates in a way that we feel at times doesn't give the long end of the stick to the customer (and can be unethical to say the least).

We lead with our ethics and how we would want to be treated if we were a customer of any service, that is what you are going to get at Wealthy Affiliate and that is what you are going to get when using the SiteRubix/hosting platform here at WA.
merlynmac Premium
There's not really a suspend option. You can cancel and come back but your site will be removed after 30 day I believe.