How do I make sure my facebook page is linked to from my site?

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ElaineSmith1 Premium
You have some good advice below!!

Tried and True

Triblu Premium
Hey Maurice,

If your theme offers you no means of including your social media links than you will need to add a plugin.

For help with this, there are several great tutorials available right here at WA. See screen print below to find out how you can easily access them.

Hope this helps you.
MikaelM Premium
I am not sure I understand the question.

Do you mean how you make sure there is a link from your website to your FB page, or a link from your WA profile to your FB page, or something else?
jmaurice Premium
I want a link from my website to my fackbook page
MikaelM Premium
There are many ways to do this. Some themes have social icons as part of the theme, and then you insert the link here.

If it does not have it, you can install a plugin that makes social icons available for example in a sidebar widget.

Hope this helps.