Hey there, I'm updating my WA review and am wanting to link to some WA articles and videos.

I know some content here is "premium only". I don't want to link my readers through to something they won't be able to access, so how can I tell if something is available for "premium only" or for everyone?

Being a premium member with access to everything makes it hard to see!

Thanks for your help :)

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MarionBlack Premium
If you log out of WA then use the link you'll find out if you need to be logged in to read it. ~Marion
Mark1957 Premium
Sounds like the most likely correct answer Marion!
rufat Premium
if it's premium you won't have access to it
VickyBangle Premium
I'm not really 100% sure but that is a really good question.
mijareze Premium
Thanks tmaltz!
tmaltz Premium
I think it's just the first 10 lessons, otherwise you can always try it out in an incognito window to see how the link responds. :)
emilyonline Premium
aha. that is a good idea, I will try it out. thanks!