I see the links but when I post them they just show as html code

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Aussiemuso Premium
I hope all these great suggestions have fixed some of your problems. Wrapping text around your pictures happens naturally depending upon where you put your cursor before you downloaded the picture and how big it is. I usually click on the button at the bottom to right align my photos to have the text to the left.

Lily 😊
timstime20 Premium
Debs66 has the answer
Best to you
Debs66 Premium

HTML links need to be added as Text and not Visual.
When you add in or embed a code just do it as a text inside your WordPress page or post.
Then update your page or post. It will show up as you want to see it and not a code.
Hope that helps.
Debs. ...😊
John2handy Premium
Someone answered privately and gave me the image download links. So I got it sorted...sort of.
I tried to reply and thank them but I got lost in the shuffle.

I still cant seem to figure how to get my text to wrap the images, or go left or right of them.
Debs66 Premium
Not sure what links they gave you. As they should be your links. They cannot give you your html code nor can they give you your link. They can show an image they cannot share you your link. If you want to reply to them you can they are still there in you inbox just reply back as you do here.

Nobody has a reason to PM you for that. They can do it plain as day like I am doing here. I have no reasons to PM you on something that I clearly know others can learn from seems silly to me to PM just for that.

If you are talking banners did they also give a HTML code. If so that is wrong. They are sharing their code.

They have no access to your unique code.

That has thrown me a little.

Double check it contains your unique link also. Not sure what they have done....

As for wrap around text.

That is trial and error and then when you get it right it looks brilliant on a laptop but terrible on a tablet or mobile/cell.

I wouldn't worry about wrapping text around I would just concentrate more so on getting your html codes working all the fancy bits we can mess with later.

There is one thing I do though as we have 50 websites.

I use one of my siterubix websites to mess around on. I check how plugins work and test different themes.

I also use my Test site as a site if I need to help someone with their theme.

That test site is great for getting the hang of your theme and how and where your image's and wrap around texts look. It also saves you messing your website up/

You will know when it sits right on all devices. Use one of your free sites to test things on.

Hope that helps :)

Debs :)
Debs66 Premium
They can show you how to find your links but they cannot give you your download links as we all have unique links here.

They cannot get to your unique links. They belong to you and only you as do mine.

Please double check that. :)
John2handy Premium
Thank you for the concern. Not to worry. lol It was only for where to find the Jaxxy images. I used my ref links. And the WA Images from the $

Plus I don't think I ask the question right the first time so I didn't post in questions like usual.
John2handy Premium
I have made web pages using Microsoft Expression Web. But I used tables a lot to get things looking how I liked. But this Word Press world is whole new experience. Now though, everything is done in <div> so I have no clue how to use the page space yet.

For example: Putting an image with text on each post on the Home Page. I know it can be done because I see it all over the internet.

And then there's all those plugins. It's probably all for the better but I'll be a while yet getting it all sorted.
Debs66 Premium
Sorted happy to hear that :))
John2handy Premium
I learned sorted and sussed from my Brit chat buddies a few years ago. Damn but we had fun. A laugh a minute with those guys.
Debs66 Premium
Some of us use Canva and we make those images our own. Would that help:))

We also add in a caption and description so you can hover over the image and text comes up. Helps those that are blind also Google uses that text for each requirement.

A blind person can't see an image and google can only tell the about the image if we tell them about it .

Does that make sense. :))
John2handy Premium
Yes it does. Good plan. I have Canva but i'm still learning how to use it.