Indeed I have questions bothering me please;

firstly, how do I start earning at my level? because I'm not a financially stable person, infact I'm in a financial crisis right now. I barely managed to pay for my premium fee this month how about next month which has a heavier fee compared to this month, hence, I need to start making making money at least equivalent to the fee and possibly get myself a domain as recommend by my current level for faster ranking ( at least get indexed by the big three - Google, Bing and Yahoo) must I follow it as it is in the lessons?

secondly, how do I quickly get referrals that are active?

thirdly, I succeeded in referring three persons but they seem not to like the platform, hence, they are not ranked yet probably because they are not active. will I still get paid for this three referals

please be patient with me as I feel a little troublesome with my questions, I feel this way due to my situation now.

Thank you everyone.


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SandraKelly Premium
Hi Chris it can be hard starting out, I think that many of us go through and feel the same as you. The unknown can be challenging. You have made an excellent choice; it is through asking that we find our way, it is a caring community. When it comes to referrals, payment arrives when they upgrade to one of the premium levels and continues as long as they continue their membership.

That can be one of the challenges that we all face. The whole thing about WA is that it provides us with the knowledge and resources to create an online presence that others find attractive.

If you can hang in there the journey here can be life-changing. The other members responding have given you some really good advice.

Take care and blessings to you.
ChrisAgbii Premium
thanks a lot Sandra and Gid bless you too
ChrisAgbii Premium
God bless you
Dale123 Premium Plus
ChrisAgbii Premium
Thank you
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
It’s pretty hard to make money when you’re starting out. I would recommend trying to get regular employment if at all possible.

You may want to try freelancing. There are sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc where you can paid to do work for other people. You still have to get hired for those jobs, but if you do get hired then you get paid for your work.

Maybe you can use what you learned here and get paid to do it for other people?

If it comes down to it and you’re not going to be able to make the higher payment, then you will want to backup your websites.

I don’t know how much disposable income you have, but you can find website hosting that is cheaper and you could host your websites. From there it would be a matter of continuing to apply what you learned here: creating content, monetizing content with affiliate links, rinse and repeat.

It will be harder. You’ll have to rely on Google to find answers to your questions instead of asking the WA community. However, with enough determination and drive, then you will succeed.
HildeRegine Premium Plus
Hi there! Very good question that many newbies have including myself when I started.

I will give you an answer, but it is maybe not the one you want to hear in this moment.

The thing is that no matter what business you are in the amount of money you recieve depends on your efforts and time.

It takes time to build a business. And as Kyle and other mentors I have too are so right about is the fact that your success depends on many factors and one of them is traffic.

Without traffic to your website = no business
My advice to you is to focus on 3 things:

1 . creating valuable content
2. Generating traffic (share your link, posts)
3. Building an email list

There is no quick way to do this, but you should definitely get yourself a domain and start monetize it.

If you read my WA blogposts it took me 16 months to start earning recurring commissions online.

What I have learned here on WA have been priceless and a Major reason .
ChrisAgbii Premium
Thank you.
ratlhaganen Premium
Hello Chris, Congratulations on your progress. The way to go is forwards and continue building. You are doing very well. Keep it up.

Please feel free to ask, when you need help.