I learned almost most of the things before I subscribed to this site and read several blogs that talk about creating a blog and starting blogging and getting traffic. I understood almost all of this and I can generate free or paid traffic by advertising on Facebook or elsewhere and targeting a specific slide.
My question is: Suppose, for example, that I have very strong traffic, how will I do marketing? I see a lot of blogs talking about earning more than $ 10,000 a month and browsing their blogs. I see a lot of sites that talk about exploring BlueHost and many other explanations in this field, but I do not see on their site any products offered for sale ..? How do they earn money?

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ChrystopherJ Premium
Exactly as the others have said, the whole purpose of their core OEC Training is to guide you through this whole approach and how to monetise your Blog. A few examples have been provided below, but they are clearly explained within the training, as there are more ways than one to monetise.
Dale123 Premium
Hi Helmi, everything is explained for you in the training. You can start the course here:
Hey great question but trust me and the others answers, it may seem longer and people want to dive in but do the training and follow the steps. It might feel counter intuitive but there is a roadmap and it can work but you have to follow it. Great advice below..
drmohfa91 Premium
And that's the purpose of the training here on WA. You will learn how to earn money with some easy steps. Also, you will watch so many videos from experienced members here that will teach you various things that will improve your blog to earn more money. In short, there are many ways to make money such as Affiliate marketing, Ads, selling ad space on your blog, selling digital products, selling physical products, courses, training, personal training, etc. Depending on your niche and blog.
Shipwright Premium
Hello, and welcome to WA. Follow the training exactly as it's laid out and all of the traffic / earning techniques (and more) are covered:-