I have a friend who is having a problem getting back into WA after paying for the one year premium fee. She has contacted Kyle and was told to upgrade which she has already done. Now her email and password keeps re-routing her back to her old WA account she created 3 years ago. I am trying to help her since i build her website for her and she needs to have access to the wordpress password and username. Can this problem be solved?

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Obiwankanobi Premium
Thank you all
MarionBlack Premium
Your friend can use the contact form
JaseS Premium
So it sounds like she made a new account instead of renewing her old account? Is that what she wanted. I wonder if the can combine the accounts for her?
With Wordpress. Is it hosted here or else where? She could do a password reset on the Wordpress Login page itself? Hope that helps
roamy Premium
Welcome to the club, I had the same issue until last week after a friend left WA then wanted to come back.
It`s doable, but I have to say for my friend/referral, it took a lot of emails that in the end, I was just ready to give up.
I`m not one to walk away just because something does not work but this time I was ready to walk away.
I was so desperate I emailed even site support(stupid I know this had nothing to do with support)
Talk to Kyle
Vickic3 Premium
If you contact Kyle with all her new details such as user name and her name, he may be able to resend her the proper details