How can I share my link with others?

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OSegun Premium
Hi JohaneG,
I can see that you are making good progress. I may want to chip in some points.

I will not answer this your particular question because it has been well answered. It is a simple and straightforward process to share your link.

Please permit me to share these personal thoughts with you. You may gain something from them.

1. Take every correction and criticism in good faith. It may not be relevant now, but I bet you, you will need it someday.

2. As much as it is good to ask questions, please take the training serious. Sometimes go over some again and again until you internalise the subject matter.

3. Keep your fire burning! It is the zeal that will strengthen you when you get into the turbulence of this business.

I wish you and everyone a good success.

JohaneG Premium
Thank you Segun. Your points are well taken. I can't grow without them. Again thank you. Wishing you the best.
ERichardson1 Premium
good evening once again, you're going too fast my friend, you must do the training, go through the training. Pull up some of the training videos you don't want to go too fast. If you go too fast you're going to regret it, is so much you need to learn, before you even begin to share on Facebook or anywhere else. If you want to be successful you must do the training.
JohaneG Premium
That is why I am asking questions. It doesn't mean I am fast and is not true that I am going fast. I am still going to ask questions because I want to do this business correct.
nudge1969 Premium Plus
Apart from Kyle's training on adding affiliate links to your website, you can send your affiliate link out via some social media sites. You can read peoples comments on Facebook and provide them with your affiliate link if it solves their problem. You can setup a Pinterest account, and I believe Pinterest allow affiliate links at the moment. Instagram does not.

You'll discover different ways to share your link as you go through the training.
lesabre Premium
Hi Johane,

Your questions are important to your growth. If you do not ask them well you will never know.

I looked at your questions and I have seen Triblu having an answer for all of them. I can not add more.

Wishing you the best,

JohaneG Premium
Hi Michael! Thank you.
Triblu Premium
Hey Johane,

Find your browser's address bar, load your website into your browser... go to the post or page you wish to share... go up to your browser's address bar, highlight and copy your URL... go to your email message, past your link and VOILA... it is that easy.

If you cannot see your browser's address bar then Google search to see how you can have it show.

If you have a social media plugin installed that offers you an "email" option, you could use that to send a link to whichever page you wish to share.

Hope you find this helpful.
JohaneG Premium
Hi Triblu! Thank you so so so much for your great help and being able to understand my questions. Be blessed.