How can I promote WA if wanted to promote outside of on my website?

This is something that I feel everyone should know about.

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AbieAJ Premium
Another even more powerful tool is promoting You vs products / services, because if people like you, they would naturally ask you what you do and buy from you, even if you sell premium i.e. higher prices than your competitors.
AbieAJ Premium
Another powerful marketing tool is the word of mouth, especially if you already have a number of referrals who tried the platform and happy, they would tell their family and friends how satisfied they were.

Retaining is always cheaper than acquiring.
keishalina Premium
hey hi Willie .... super question and most would say that the WA Affiliate Bootcamp training would help you do that -- to promote WA over the long-term for sustained success with referrals ...

and indeed, you might want to check out Pinterest as a possible platform for promoting your projects ....

and there are many classrooms available to you as a WA Premium member .... there's a series of webinars available via Live Events ...

well, hope that helps you a wee bit ... all the best ... :)
BAnn1 Premium
You can try instagram and/or facebook or any social media platform of your choice🦅
AbieAJ Premium
I have created custom links and I promote those.

You could also share any blog, training or any content within pretty shortened. i.e. If shared raw, you risk your accounts being suspended.

Except for Jays live events, those can only be viewed by premiums. For an outsider they have to sign up and upgrade to Premium.