I want to put my website link and Wealthy affiliate link in Face book groups But after I put in that When it comes as advertisement if any body clicks it is not working the down line is not coming it is not opening Actually in our sites if add through the loopsign it works I want to put as advertisement Can any one Help

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Kyle Premium
You cannot spam "groups" with affiliate links. Facebook doesn't like this nor do the group owners.

You can post WA links on your status updates, but make sure you are also offering engagement/value if you do this or you are going to look like a spammer to your friends and family.
trendygirl Premium
Can I keep my referral links in free classified sites or paid one s
Kit-Wealth Premium
So, if I'm right, it's better to lead them to your website? And there they can click your affiliate link?
rollyp Premium
Facebook does not allow WA links, as they have mistakenly flagged it as an MLM scheme. I link to my website.