Hello Guys, my site status says " Your site is running an older version of PHP 7.3.9. Where should I go then. BIG thanks

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PhoenixFlame Premium
To update Site Health Status I have it as orange, write more blog posts. Please don't mess with PHP Files.
BrightSales Premium
I like the your helpful information. Thank you. All the best!
Lex666 Premium
Update, less plugins
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you don't need to do anything. That is currently the most up to date version here. Site Support will automatically upgrade all our accounts when necessary.
mscscott13 Premium
Hello Joey Yes I would how are you I hope someone was able to assist you with your issue.I just came to encourage you.By the way I'm Charlotte anyway I can help please visit my site I'm do my best in helping you to get answers
DCaribbeanQ Premium
I have no idea but if I was in your shoes I'd contact site support. They help us to fix things like this.

I. Interested in the answer myself However.