Hey ,

Whats the best possible way with lowest investment in paid ads to get 100 referrals for WA ? I am still working on SEO , which will take some time to get traffic and results .

Pls share some growth hacking tricks which you have used to get WA Referrals ?

Thanks !

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HarenJoshi Premium
Hey, I am on the same path, you walk...
TDenise Premium
You need traffic. I get 100+ referrals/mo, but it's because I took the time to build an audience.

Even if you run paid ads, you have to take time to optimize the ads for conversions and that may take more than 10 days (even for an experienced marketer).

If you don't have SEO traffic, no social media traffic, and no paid ads budget, then you're going to need to figure out other ways to hustle, build trust, and attract volumes of people without spamming: maybe forums, maybe Quora, or something like that. There's still very low chances of being able to start from scratch without a marketing plan or experience with a marketing plan that's worked to achieve your goal, and to get that type of result in 10 days.

Have you come close to 100 referrals in 10 days before? If not, you may really want to start with a smaller milestone and work up. Success is usually compounding and incremental.

Your expectation may be unrealistic. Good luck.
CarlaNavarro Premium
Great response, and advice.

Wishing you both a great Friday!
TDenise Premium
Thanks Carla.
Wellbeing38 Premium
Growth hacking tricks
Run on
CLoney Premium
I do product reviews so I am not sure how to do this. I will be venturing into WA promotions at some point so I am just going to drop this here so I get notifications when the answers come in :)

Hope you get the answer you are looking for.