What is the difference between internal and external link?
How are external links created?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Internal links are links within your one website - pages and posts linking to each other.

External links are link from your website to another website. That website could be another one of your websites or someelses.

Here is some info on them.
mikebeatty Premium
Check this out for some info on "external links" it may help...
Apples64 Premium Plus
Hi Solomon,

An internal link is the link you use to link from a certain page or post on your website to another page or post.

An external link is where you may for example reference the meaning of Affiliate Marketing which you got from Wikipedia, you would then link the words Affiliate marketing with the Wikipedia link so as when your visitors clicked on Affiliate Marketing they would be taken to the Wikipedia explanation.

Hope this helps.

Owosol Premium
Thanks for your response.
phil1944 Premium
Internal links are where you create a link (usually a text link) on a blog post to another, related blog post or page. There are two aims here. One is to increase your seo by creating a strong web of relevance within your site. And the other is to encourage visitors who land on one of your blog posts (because it ranks high for a search term) to explore other posts on your site.

External posts link to other websites, often highly influential sites such as Wikipedia. These just add credence but have the downside of leading your visitors away from your site.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Hi Solomon, an internal link is where you link from a page/post on your website to another page/post on your website. An external link is linking to other websites.

Hope that clarifies it for you :)
Owosol Premium
Thanks for the explanation.