I saw a discount for annual billing when I first signed up. I just upgraded to Premium but did not see the annual option. Is that still available?

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ArmaniTol Premium
BobBarr has it right. That's how to get the annual option.
accad Premium
Believe in the instruction below. Its a word of a wise man.
BobBarr Premium
In the left menu, the bottom item should be a reddish-pink button labeled "Upgrade to Yearly".

I forgot to mention -- Depending how much of your current monthly period is left, your most recent payment will be pro-rated which will reduce the cost for the annual upgrade. If you just paid your monthly billing, most of it will be applied to reduce your annual cost by up to $49. If your monthly payment is almost due, only a small portion of it will be applied to reduce your annual cost by a smaller amount.
EvonC Premium
Thanks Bob...it's right in front of me all along and I didn't see....lol. It's not the first time, and it probably wont be the last.