Hey everyone,

I've got a couple of referrals since I've been here (yay), and have a question about referral entrance details in my WA statistics. (inside the aeroplane button)

Can anyone explain the difference between

"Guest user modal"


"Default create account modal"?

Am I right in thinking that "guest user" clicks on an affiliate link straight to a training or blog post, and that the "default create account" has clicked a link that has taken them to the WA sign up page?

Thanks for your help!

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AngelaHall Premium
Robert did a break down of stats here if your answer is not in there I'm sure he wouldn't mind a PM
or maybe someone else will come along :)
emilyonline Premium
aha! just what i was looking for.

To quote Robert:
"Default Create Account Modal is the join form all the way at the bottom of the WA Home Page.

Guest User Modal is the join pop up that appears after 15 seconds on all WA created content that a non-member reads."

Thank you Angela :)
AngelaHall Premium
Great :)
SelvieRoos Premium
Thanks for that Emily. I learnt something new today.