Have You heard about the 10% Rule?

It's really not a rule as much as it is just the way things usually are.

10% of the people do 90% of the work and/or do 90% of the contributing etc....

Let's say for instance that there are 800 Members chosen for a special training.

About 80 of them will actually follow through with the training.

About 10% or about 8 of them will end up being the Top Members and produce 90% of the results.

I am of course speaking about the WA Super Affiliate Training Group!

Will you be one of the 80 who continues with the Super Affiliate Training?

I sincerely hope that this question is able to motivate many members including myself to not only surpass the 10% rule but CRUSH IT!

Will You be among the 7 that become a Super Affiliate at WA in 2018?

7, I thought that earlier we said that there would be 8!

I use the number 7 above because, Yes I do plan on being a Super Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 so that leaves the number at 7 ....... or does it?

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NCH Premium
I want to be in that group of 8

CraigKnight Premium
Only the top spot is acceptable to me. :)
MarionBlack Premium
I was thinking much the same way as I was making my morning coffee. Only a small percentage of the people who start off are going to make it through to the end.

I was thinking around 1 to 3 percent will actually get to Vegas.

But the rest will be better off than they are now.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Marion my Friend, reread the post above and redo the math.

It states that 10% of the 800 will follow through and that 10% of those will succeed as Super Affiliates

10% of 800 is 80 and 10% of 80 is 8

1% of 800 is 8


Yes we will all be better off as long as we are learning Marion,

GBridgart Premium
Better make it 6
gjshawk Premium
I’ll be happy to be #7.