i was trying to send a PM today and found it was not as simple as before.

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MKearns Premium
I have no problems. It's also easy just to do a reply thread to any message Kyle has sent!.
Loes Premium
No, just to get in contact with Kyle and Carson, several buttons redirect to the community and to site support
VeronicasLuv Premium
I just sent two today without having any issues. Hopefully, it's nothing more than a little glitch, Courtney.
ownonlboss Premium
Not sure yet, but I do know that there is some form of queue on a lot of services, including sitecomments, sitecontent and probably now also on PM.

A PM towards any other member than Carson and Kyle is easy and straight forward. To Kyle and Carson you have to understand what buttons to press.

You cannot write private messages to starter members.

Chezbrown Premium
Not that I know off. I sent one yesterday and it was ok. xxx