i watched a webinar some weeks ago and since lots of emails, looks good but very expensive and appears upsells all the time. Anyone had a serious experience with them compared to here

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lakbar12 Premium
No, haven't heard about him but, if you don't want to be bothered with his emails no longer you can unsubscribe from his emails.

Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the email and click unsubscribe. Then follow any instructions given after that. Most of the time, they will ask if you want to unsubscribe from one list or all list.

If you want to be removed from all of his emails. Unscribe from all list. If you just want to be removed from one list unsubscribe from the list you want to be removed from.

Hope this helps.

Have a great day!
Bluesamber Premium
Realistically i wish to know as anyone used their program and how good bad is it?
lakbar12 Premium
Oh okay, no I have never heard of him, and I don't know anyone who owns the product.

As mentioned by Emmo1968 Franklin has a great course. What does Fred Iam sell? I just tried Googling him and he doesn't come up.

I write product reviews like this every day and I haven't come across him yet. Just curious.
Dale123 Premium
"Lots of emails", "looks very expensive", "appears upsells all the time"... Given what you've said about, I think I will personally avoid it.
Emmo1968 Premium
A YouTube dropshipping guy, very successful I think. Emails are constantly trying to sell his courses.
I don't know how good he is, but his courses are expensive as you say.
Personally, I think dropshipping is a difficult game to get into and there are so many 'Guru's' out there.
There is a guy called Franklin Hatchett that apparently offers very good free content and has a very reasonably priced course - the Google reviews are very positive.
lakbar12 Premium
Funny, you mentioned that I am writing a review right now on Franklin's course, yes he offers a great course at a good price compared to many others.
Bluesamber Premium
Have you used the course and how successful is this

I think affiliate marketing is difficult as we have to continue writing week in and week out 3 04 posts a week if not more for just the ranking Then paid 5% or slightly higher on comms??

Anyhow speaking out loudly