I'm just wondering if anyone here had good success and I wondering if you tell me a little bit about how you did it, how long it took etc. I understand that any personal information you would disclose would want to be private so feel free to DM me. Any answers will be appreciated

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DynamicDavid Premium
As Eric says, you are in a community filled with success stores.
You might find this blog by a fellow WA member of special interest: There is a link in that blog to a relevant post that another WA member wrote back in May 2017.

Those are two brilliant blogs that I think you will find relevant and inspiring.
ericcantu Premium
You're in a community filled with success stories :) There are so many here doing this full time, all stemming from this same training.

Continue forward with the training lesson by lesson, course by course. That's how you become a success story yourself :)