I'm wondering if there's a way to message my non-premium referrals en masse about the Black Friday opportunity?

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2Al Premium
Learning from Marion's response.
AlexEvans Premium
Marions response is the way to go, thanks for the question has me thinking about helping and managing referrals over all.
BarryJ Premium
Thanks for bringing up a subject I can learn from.
MarionBlack Premium
The only way you can contact your non-premium referrals is by leaving a comment on their profile page. The quickest way would be to copy and paste the same message. It's entirely up to them if they return to their profile page and read the message. If they haven't blocked WA emails then they'll get an email to let them know that a comment has been left on the profile page.
darajeanne Premium
Thanks for responding! I thought that might be the answer. That would be a great feature to have here, since I don't have an email catching auto responder yet. I'll do the copy/paste.
Thanks again!
Mark1957 Premium
I don't know the answer to that one sorry but would be interested to find out myself so thanks for bringing it up.