Hi All,
I am from South Africa. I'm totally new to affiliate marketing and when browsing some of the companies in the affiliate program section, I note that there is a section about location of that market. Does this mean that you can only sell items to that country? For example, Forever New clothing is an Australian company with stores in various locations in South Africa.

Thanks in advance!

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Lebogang22 Premium
You can sell to whoever the company delivers to.

To answer your question, your location does not limit you, but the affiliate program might not apply to SA. That's not a problem anyway because the SA market is tiny and you don't have to be focused locally.

An example I can give you the facts on is USN. They are a South African company in origin but the local affiliate program seems to have been scrapped so you can't promote it in SA but you can promote it in the USA.

Keep in mind that when you create your website, you will be reaching out to a global audience. So if you are promoting Forever New Clothing, your content can be read by Australian readers or any other country it might be popular in. The internet is global.

Biggest mistake I made when starting out was trying to focus locally and creating a .co.za website.

The world is your audience so cast a wide net and create a website that is useful to people anywhere in the world.

Feel free to ask further questions if you have any.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - some affiliate programs have geographic restrictions due to taxation or legal reasons. You would need to read the terms and conditions of any programs you are interested in.
Thanks for your reply😁