Does WA nofify us when someone signs up under our Affiliate Link ID as a starter member?

If so where does the email appear?

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ElizabethRo2 Premium
George, I notice you got the answer to your question.

However, I just want to add my experience with WA, email does come to you on every steps of achievement, Kyle and Carson really keep up with things for our benefits. So as you progress along with your business, you will get an email.

I so feel very relax at home within Wealthy Affiliate.

Too your continue success.

JeannineC Premium
Yup. I'm not even trying to do that (my purpose here is to help WA members with the, and affiliate networks), but I get surprised by one of those every now and again. It's fun to get one!
Aussiemuso Premium
Now it would be exciting to get that email.
jhoecannon Premium
WA is honest and happy to give you this info...
JohaneG Premium
Yes, you will be notified by email.