Retargeting, people who has made it to checkout then changed their mind, will WA forward a follow up email to entice them to purchase a subscription.

Was wondering if there was something like that in place.

Does anyone know?

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Meenaf1 Premium Plus
Interesting! I would like to find out too!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Yep, thanks Meena.
jghwebbrand Premium
I am interested in the response you get. My guess is there is nothing like this available.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
If there was would have definitely nice, at this stage we do not know how many could have been lost; of course all based on assumptions. Like Alex said we have no direct link to it or control.
AlexEvans Premium
As members we do not have a direct connection to referrals emails.

The platform runs an excellent out reach programme.

A work around could be to use a double opt in.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That would probably need looked into. However could be a possibility, but like you said we do not have control or direct connection to it.

Am unaware how can an email get collected they would normally fill in a very short form, as soon as they click "create & continue" - email is cooped could possibly be ideal.

Thanks Alexander.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Yes awesome idea, thank you.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Abie

I have a couple of starter accounts within WA (just for testing purposes back when I was learning how the links work :-) and my free starter accounts receive:
* emails whenever Kyle writes a WA post,
* an email whenever I write a WA blog and
* whenever there is live training coming up with Jay (the weekly one)

So long as your people have shared their email address and created a starter account, they will receive emails.

Hope this helps.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
That's great thank you.
Am aware they still get notified that's if they opted in however was wondering like an ecommerce store when your customer leaves their basket and go, you would send them a checkout link to go ahead and finish their purchase.

Some companies like Grammarly do offer a retargeting discounted version.

Hope that makes sense.

However I am thankful for your time and effort today.