One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program is, anyone who comes here from the search engines via your blog posts, if they decide to join WA, it gets credited to you as a "referral". And if that person upgrades to premium, it means "money". So, by itself, it can be a full time business that can earn you a fortune, right?

Now, knowing how powerful that thing is, I wonder if you guys take seriously what to post with WA's in-house blogging platform.

Do you also invest some time and effort crafting a blog post here like you do in your niche sites, or you just spew words that come out of your mind aimlessly?

I'm sorry if that term is a little bit harsh, but that's what I realized just recently.

Staring at my stats, I'm seeing clicks generated through the my posts here inside WA, which are visible outside and in to the search engines. I thought, "This thing must be dealt with seriously".

So, going back to the question, "Do you do keyword research before you blog here inside WA?"

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Gerlinde Premium
You are right! We should right "proper" blogs and embed them in our websites... Thanks for reminding us/me! :-)
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi and interesting to read this but I did not think that what we do at WA has anything at all to do with our websites - I do not do keyword research for blogs at WA as it has nothing to do with what I blog on my website
RikaSF Premium
Thanks for sharing:).
GautamWorld Premium
I was unaware and thought the blog is only available to WA members for viewing. Yesterday, I came started viewing my stats and saw clicks on my blogs articles... I was stunned!

Now, there's no point spewing aimlessly... But a post a day even if it's 'spewing' is better than no post at all.

Thank you very much for the useful information. :)
GomMagtibay Premium
You're welcome. And thanks, too, for sharing your thoughts on this. Yes, it can generate us "additional money".
GarenArnold Premium
Yeah, it does have a lot of benefits.

I haven't blogged much at WA here. However, in the upcoming years, I do plan to do it more.

I would do keyword research with Jaaxy. If you rank on Google, I could see it paying quite nicely!
GomMagtibay Premium
Okay. Thanks.. Sounds like a nice plan. I wish you good luck with that, and looking forward to reading more of your posts here.