Now that Google said they would be closing down their Google +, so does it mean we have to find alternative as in the training course, we are encouraged to open a Google+ account and link to our website and WA.

any body has any idea on this?

thanks and best regards

Chee Shi

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Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Teo

I am no expert on this but.

We have a whole year to still use it if you want to. It is only one fish in the internet sea.

August 2019 is a long way away so the training in still relevant because you can still get results by posting there.

Maybe in the new year things will be re-thought and we will all know what the next phase will be here on WA.
boomergp08 Premium
I would and will continue using it for several more months, because from what I have read is Google Plus is closing down the social media aspect for those who use the Consumer version. This will be completed by August 2019. The Enterprise version for businesses will continue to function.
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes I agree
Swangirl Premium
I am not going to use it anymore. It would just not be an efficient use of my time considering I could be posting to a different platform instead. I never liked G+ however. It is up to you if you do or not. Some people prefer different platforms, some like G+.
Zarina Premium
Keep in mind that the training was created long before we knew G+ will be shut down. While you can open an account to help it gain one little +1 SEO point before its shut down, you may want to focus on your website content instead. If you decide to use social media as well, I recommend choosing 1 platform and master it too, instead of trying everything and succeeding at none. IMHO.
LauraFuller Premium
I don't know what the real answer is to this. I am continuing to use it until I get a definite answer not to. that is my take on it.