Seems there is a lot of Asian females signing up and also showing links which may have spam virus. Are you aware? Fleeky just posted about this. ???

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keishalina Premium
hi Bill -- good question -- it's best to simply 'report spam' by clicking n the lil' wheelie or settings button at the top left of the related post --- and apparently, we need some 10 members or more to take this action for it to be effective in getting the spam removed -- could also pipe in a quick message in Live chat to springboard a call to help ...

plus, a reminder to NOT click on any links that may be hidden in these kinds of posts as you're right, they may contain various 'nasties' ....

thanks kindly for taking note -- your due diligence is appreciated,
keep well, keep happy! .... :)
Wdcope Premium
Several reported it. Fleeky was one of them who reported it. fortunately, I have not gotten any on my profile. Support got back with me and asked me to take screenshots. Strange that they can't look and see it themselves. they should have total access.

Appreciate the message. Always happy actually, or put my best effort that way. Busy day, and that keeps me moving forward. :)
ariesight Premium
I've noticed it, too. I just report them.