Hi WA Family.
Where do I find the new chart that reflects the recent updates in the memberships and pricing?
I'm having a bit of a challenge navigating through the new set-up.
Thanking you in advance,

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, you ca find on the join page

PMindra Premium
You are awesome as you are.
Thank you.

At the current time, time, the page appears with $amounts crossed and a timer in place.

I am not looking for the 'Count down' page.
I say that respectfully in return, Abie.

Can I take the link that you have provided me and add to it my referral code and have it work?

For example:

From zero to 395, to 495 to 995.

There is a lot of adjustment on our sites.

Thank you for your response.

I look forward to any other input to help me.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, the Black Friday had expired now, so now it is back to normal i.e. $495 for Premiums and $995 for PP+.

To share your join page please refer to below resource No worries you are most welcome.

Glad to help anytime.
PMindra Premium
Thank you, Abie.
When will the page revert back to the original?
Meaning without the prices crossed out.

Thanks again.

PMindra Premium
Never mind Abie.
I see the correction already.
Go WA Go.

Remain awesome.
Respect from Canada,