I have noticed that my cash credits stopped accruing few weeks ago..
I maintain required quality and skip rate, as well as 30 day volume.. Any thoughts why this may be?

P.S. I really have nothing to add but this !@#%^ box is asking me to elaborate a bit more so there you go.. I elaborate a bit more..

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wesley26 Premium
Hey Gosia, its been a long time :)
Hope you are doing good.
I believe that CASH CREDITs are earned only by the following 2 ways:

How to Earn Cash Credits:
Create Training
Domain Registrations

When you provide comments to others, I believe what you get is COMMUNITY CREDITS:

How to Earn Community Credits:
Offer SiteComments
Offer SiteFeedback

You can click on your Profile pic menu dropdown and click on CREDITS DASHBOARD where you can get all this info.

Maybe I didn't understand your query correctly? Let me know if I have been able to help you out.

let me know if you need any help. You can always PM me.

AbieAJ Premium Plus

Below discussion resource may help