I have a website that I am trying to get up and running and am very frustrated. I know that you have your own site builder, but can you help me with one that I have already created on wordpress or do I have to build a new website? Mine is just sitting there and doing nothing. I created it in my name, so that I can start an affiliate business or any online business. I am having a really difficult time using wordpress. What do you recommend?

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Theresaw90 Premium
I hope you have this all figured out!
TopAchiever Premium
From what you've written I understand that you have your own domain and have created it in WordPress.

You can point your domain to WA Hosting and hopefully continue with it here.

This is a question for SiteRubix Support, which you will find under the light blue SiteRubix heading at the top left Smart Menu.

I'm sure they will be able to better inform you.
revbrian3 Premium
yes well i developed some kind of blog? Dont know if it meets any approvals of anyone? but i had fun making it? thats the main thing it may get someones attention I am off now to Philippines as I told Carson I done what I can do for now with little of what I learned. Now I shall be back on 7 January 2016 SO I WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope to get a new laptop
when I get back because this one is jumps when i write.
bye for now/ i would start a new website darling love the puppy dog bye
to613rah Premium
You can still do work on your Website if you take a labtop with you and obtain access to the internet. In any case, have a safe and pleasant trip and all the best.
EKautz Premium
It would be easier for anyone to help you if you provide specific questions.

If you are having trouble with WordPress overall it may be wise to go through the training and work through building another site. It won't hurt you to have two sites and honestly a website with your name is not a very promising way to get traffic and convert sales.

You will learn about building a site around a niche and believe me it is super simple.

Hold onto your other site and when you've completed the training go back and tweak it.

If you need anything let me know.

Lb830 Premium
I would recommend the training courses, since you already have a website you have a head start, just follow the training and you should be ok.