If I remember correctly, when we joined WA we could choose between a niche website or bootcamp. If we chose to have a niche, can we still promote WA on our niche site as an affiliate? I can't find a way to sign up.

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hi, of course you are able to promote WA on your niche site. I have done exactly that. As the others have said, you can find banners by clicking on the dollar sign. There is plenty of training on how to insert the code. I picked a banner that was reasonably small to add on my sidebar without spoiling the look of my site.
phil1944 Premium
You can promote WA on any website but you could be better off creating a targeted one.

Click the $ in the top bar to get your links.

There's no sign up and you can develop both niche content sites and sites that promote IM, such as WA.
merlynmac Premium
There's no signing up...Click on the $ coin icon up top here and take a look at Program Details, Links & Tracking and Banners. All of the links you see there include your affiliate ID so you'll get credit if anyone joins after following one of them.
ExpatMark Premium
Yes, definitely! I would personally recommend doing the OEC Certification first, so you can get your footing and get your website up and running. It is not recommended to both at the same time. Just way to much to tackle especially if you are new to making money online.

Help is always just a click away.

Mary-Elle Premium
Hi, if you're a member of WA, then you're already signed up for the affiliate program and promote whenever you like. Go to the $ symbol on the top black bar of your WA back office dashboard, and there you'll see a option for Links & Tracking. That's where you'll find your WA affiliate links.