During Bootcamp, I face the question of, "What will be my Targeted Audience?".

Being a Vlogger I have my own channel on YouTube and a healthy audience follow me on regular basis and almost thousand time higher audience as non followers. So I was thinking, why not start from them?

Now my question is, "Can I use my Vlogging Skills and Channel to promote Wealthy Affiliate Marketing? If Yes, than from where I start or what kind of content will be more result oriented?

Need Guidance in terms of "content" which can attract viewers.

(To analysis my channel on YouTube just google, "isloooboy" you will find my same ID over there along with same picture)

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megawinner Premium
for me? it is not good. It is great!
TheCatherine Premium
i would do an overview of the site and the target audience it can help maybe people who want to vlog themselves Best of luck
Overview or review both are working strategy I think, thanks for the tip :)
TheCatherine Premium
i would do both
mstewardit Premium
Vlogging is great for bringing people to the platform. I like Daves idea of the site walk through. It is also a good idea to introduce different elements in different videos and link back to your site.

There are loads of people on Youtube doing it. I would recommend looking at what they are doing.

yeah, I must create several videos instead of just one and yeah it will give more ideas while watching some old affiliate vloggers before putting my thoughts in action. Thanks for the input and valuable ideas
DaveSw Premium
Absolutely and that is an excellent means to get the word out about the platform.

I would introduce the audience to this place and maybe walk them through the site...

Show them some success stories (and we have some really powerful ones here)...

As them to try it out using the link you add in the description (have it go back to your website or maybe use a Pretty Link so your website is listed versus a direct link to the sign-up page that has your affiliate link)...

That is about it. Of course, you will want to do a lot more prep and have a solid message and call to action that you come up with, but it sounds like you definitely have an asset that is going to help a lot to get targeted traffic (higher conversions and NO money required!)...

Cheers and best of luck!
Dave : )

BTW, you can share the link to your channel on your profile page on the right side - there is an area where you can add in external links - I have my digital business card, appointment site, etc. in that area on my profile...
Walk through site and success stories, nice suggestions thanks. Yeah I need Preparation before I record, so I thought it will be a good way to get some tips or ideas before starting my recordings. Thanks for the valuable input
Dale123 Premium
For sure - and with regards to what kind of content, you want to put out content targeting people who you think may be interested in what WA has to offer. Exactly the same as written blog posts, but in video form :)
Yes you are right, I was looking some material on WA to convert it into videos