I was able to join Amazon affiliate program and this is may first time to put affiliate links and images to my post. I'm wondering if I can use Amazon video that they have for the certain products as well as products details. Can I use them for my preview post?

Thank you very much,


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Triblu Premium
Hey Lyn,

Please DO read over and understand the Amazon Associate rules so that you won't find yourself banned from Amazon. You need to be fully aware of ANY vendor's rules as each vendor will have different rules.

That is the only way you will stay away from having issues. If you are ever uncertain about a vendor's rules it is ALWAYS best to contact them and get issues clarified by them.

You might also always keep any communications on clarifications that you receive in case you need them for future referencing.

There are many tutorials on here to help you place your Amazon links. See screen print below to see how to readily access the training AND blog tips...

Hope you find this helpful.
flowerlyn Premium
Hello Trish,

I'm grateful to receive these informative reply from you, Trish.
Yes, I'll take note and be careful about reviewing their products in order, not be banned from their affiliate program.

Once again thank you very much and I'm wishing you the best!

Kindest Regards,
jivitajay Premium
Congrats Lyn,

for getting approved for Amazon Affiliate program.
As far as I know, these videos are private and not available on YouTube, nor they have a share tab, so try to visit the product website and see if it can be available from there.

flowerlyn Premium
Thank you very much, Shubhangi for the input and your quick reply.
Yes, in the product itself there was an available video, so then I can use this one right?

Once again thank you so much and I'm wishing you the best.