Do not have $49 this month or Julys billing. Sorry

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MarionBlack Premium
You'll have to cancel your account to stop automatic billing. You will not be able to work on your website when you are no longer a member and it will be deleted from the server in 30 days. Make sure you install and use a backup plugin and save your website's database and all files on your computer before your membership expires or you'll lose them. Your website can most likely be restored when you return but the safest way is to have your own backup.
Triblu Premium
Hey Worden,

Please contact Kyle and explain what you would like to do:

For this issue, please be sure to click on Billing & Membership so that you receive a blank textbox that will be clearly labeled with "Contact Kyle or Carson".

This way, your message will be delivered to Kyle in a private message.

Hope you find this helpful.
Selenityjade Premium
You can rejoin at any time. But any website you have created, you need to have backed up somewhere else as it will be deleted after 30 days. If you're already a premium member, once you aren't paying anymore for your hosting, it gets turned off, basically. But you're free to rejoin at any time.