About 3 days ago I resubscribed to premium and paid the $495.00 for yearly I just noticed that there is now a large discount on premium plus which would be only $4.00 more. Can I still get the premium plus?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Congratulations well in advance!
BobMargroff Premium Plus
Kyle's response below is spot on. I took the Black Friday deal for Premium 3 years ago. So, when it was renewed two days ago at the $299 deal, I was a little concerned that I would be paying the entire $499 for the Premium Plus. But when I clicked the "apply discount" button... it only charged me $203 more and now I am Premium Plus.

So, go for it and it'll prorate your Premium Plus for the remainder.

I wish you well!!

ezbusiness Premium Plus
I did the same but when I upgraded to premium plus yearly the system when I clicked on the coupon for Black Friday it gave me credit for what I had already paid but to see it you must go like you are checking out to see cart price update and I got the Plus so maybe it will do same for you
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, your Premium Plus+ membership will be pro-rated based on your yearly payment that you just made. Head to the upgrade page, and check off the Premium Plus+ option, and you will see your pro-rated discount.


Let me know if you have any further questions.
Camillamo Premium Plus
Yes. You can upgrade to Premium Plus with the Black Friday discount. Just go to the Black Friday discount link and select the Premium Plus option, then remember to apply the Black Friday coupon.