I don't understand it or where to start from or what to do or how to get started and I thought I cancelled this awhile back but I got billed 3 times so I was wondering can I get 2 of my refunds back or something since I didn't get far and didn't really do anything because I'm busy because right now money is really tight right now for me so if u can please let me know asap thank you for the opportunity but I just couldn't get it.


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DBlanchard Premium
Sorry to see you go, Daniel. If you ever change your mind I am here to help. 🙂
apache1 Premium
There are no refunds under the terms and conditions when you signed up.

You can use the link that Abie gave you, but I also noticed you have even started any of the lessons; this is crucial towards you learning how to earn.

But that is your choice. I know you stated you didn't really do anything because your busy, but so is everyone else many have full-time jobs and still manage to go through the training and build a website because they want to be successful and serious about this.

Also, note I am not trying to be rude with what was stated above but look to your reasons for joining in your profile. They are very valid and powerful reasons to be successful and should be the incentive to make things happen and not make excuses for not doing anything about it.

Time management is important if you want to make anything of or for yourself. Treat my comment as a wake-up call.

Your family is important don't you think and so are you.

I would suggest you work out a schedule of what you do and what you can put aside. EG Watching TV, going out with friends, etc and put some time in for yourself.

Perhaps when you feel you are serious enough later, you are most welcome to come back and join, but if you cancel your membership, you can't go back as a starter member.

Here is the link on how to cancel which; you have to do this manually and before the next installment is due Wishing you well.
AbieAJ Premium
Hi, usually WA do not give refunds as per your terms and conditions, however

You may like to write to Billing at

https://wealthyaffiliate.com/contact and ask them