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PMindra Premium
Hi, Andi.

I like to try to keep everything in one place, especially when I am learning something new. So far, WA is providing everything that I need. When you get your site here, all you need to do is push one button and your 'siterubix' site, for example, is moved over.

The ultimate decision is yours.

Good hunting.

bigrog44 Premium
I rather buy mine from Wealthy Affiliate.
HarveyBrown Premium
I checked out a few other hosting sites and found WA, to be reasonable for what you are getting.
mergie1 Premium
At least if you buy at Wealthy Affiliate, it stays the same price and doesn't go up every year. Also, you get all that added privacy protection included that you would have to pay extra for elsewhere.
RoseyTeresi Premium

I already own a website and I'm interested to learn how to integrate the WA way into it or if I should make new ones.

I'm new to WA so this is very helpful!
HarveyBrown Premium
I believe if you click on Site Rubix, there is a button "Site Domain." I think that is where you can move an existing site to WA.