I am interested in having more visitors in my website. and I already know which niche I will be choosing. I have a website running since 2000 , it is a WordPress website where I offer articles and education. Now, I would like to have more income and mainly, I need to learn about improving traffic, link building or free ways to improve traffic. Hope you can help me . Thank you in advance.

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nathaniell Premium
Traffic is normally a struggle for everyone, so you're not alone!

Social media can give you spikes in traffic if you have an existing network, but social media traffic doesn't convert to sales very well and I don't focus on it. It can help, but it's my least favorite type of traffic.

Paid traffic is fast and easy, but you need a solid sales funnel in place to make it worth the money. You can spend $1000's per day on traffic, but if your pages are not very effective at making sales, then it's wasted money. That's why we don't really focus on it in the beginning.

Both of those are traffic strategies, and legit ways to get people to your website, get clicks, and make sales.

However, I prefer free SEO (organic) traffic, and that's how I build all my sites. I do exactly what Kyle teaches about low hanging fruit and consistent blogging. The only problem, as you have discovered, is that it takes a while to build. Not only do you have to build a solid foundation of articles for your site, but you also have to build your skills as a writer, and build your knowledge as an authority.

In my experience, volume of content is very important. That means writing 1000 word articles consistently over a period of time. I try to publish 3-5 times per week.

Every single time I see someone make lightning fast progress and make money quicker than others, it's because they have a consistent blogging schedule. Actually, they usually "go nuts" and publish 7 days a week of 1500 words each time. That sounds like a lot, but it's a very doable schedule if you dedicate 3-4 hours per day to writing.

Traffic will come in time, but you need to be consistent, and focused on improving the quality of your business as you add content and continue through the training.
keishalina Premium
hey hi Liliana & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

Yes, super question and all questions are considered good ones here....

It looks like Andre (apache1) has got it for you ....

enjoy the journey to Success here, all the best .... :)
apache1 Premium
Firstly welcome to Wealthy Affiliate great to have you here. IT is great you already have your website running since 2000; even better, it is a WordPress one as well.

Just follow the training given to you. Abie has provided you with the links below and apply what is taught.

Keep writing unique and quality posts regarding your niche to improve your ranking with the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Wishing you much success in the future.'
I will do so, Thank you so much!!!
apache1 Premium
You are most welcome Liliana.

Enjoy all before you.:)

AbieAJ Premium
Please follow the training and apply what is taught all is explained within the lessons. How to make money by Kyle