Hello to all, i was wonder if we are helping our new member to become an premium and dose that count your referral or you are inviting your own from outside of WA system?

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5-qpq Premium
I agree with the last two comments. Advertise and encourage the public outside of Wealthy Affiliate through your Affiliate links.
jtaienao Premium
Hi Nazila,
You want to focus your efforts on getting people outside of WA to sign up as premium members. The best was is to use your affiliate links in your posts and web pages. Here is a training from Robert (Boomer) that shows you how to do this. Hope this help you out.
Nazila12 Premium
The problem is how do we bring them in , just jockeying :)
ericcantu Premium
Referrals count as people who find and join WA through our affiliate links. Once they have joined, you will start getting commissions once they go premium.